An Engagement Initiative, Driven By Consumer Behavior

Social Media Optimization includes promotion of a website on the most popular social media platforms in order to receive online traffic, viewership and subsequently business leads. As much as traffic, a brand would have on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others as better it would be its demand creation and lead generation. Following are the most trendy social media practices that a brand or an eCommerce site use to promote their business, services and products. .

* Social Bookmarking: The url of the website based upon the various categories is posted on the various popular social media sites.

* Creation of Social Networking Profiles: Social networking profile of client site is made on the various social networking sites.

* LinkedIn Promotion: Website profile is being promoted on the Linkedin by the means of creating profile and is further promoted by making the related posts and sharing it at online community.

* Twitter Promotion: The twitter profile of the company is being used for the promotion of a company on twitter by posting tweets, re-tweeting and sharing them online.

* Pinterest Promotion: After making account, the posts are shared on Pinterest and are a photo sharing site.

* Social Event Marketing: Through this, a client’s business is ensured through social event marketing for a website promotion.

* Livecasting: In the live casting and streaming, a live video stream of an event occurring at the point of place is being distributed across various online channels.

* Online Product Reviews: Company’s products are shared on various online sites.

* Social Television: The videos related to various services and products of a company are shared on social television sites.

* Audio and Music Sharing: At the various social media sites, music and audio is shared through different sites.

Engagement Driven Social Media

Our Social Media Promotions are just not limited only to publish on Facebook instead are an intensive campaigns for branding, lead generation and conversion.