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A Semantic Based Approach for the Smooth Spider Crawling, Keyword Optimization and Ranking


The role of search engine in scheme of digital activities in present time is very important as people mostly search information on search engines. As a SEO and Content Writing Services  company in Delhi Cult Creations's search engine optimization brings the traffic and sales avenues to a business through positioning of a client's website on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Ranking Pages) of Google, Bing and other search engines. The business impact of SEO can be estimated from the fact that a website arriving on the Google’s first page always have a better business opportunity in terms of traffic as well as business generation in form of lead than its competitor.

Cult Creations perform Search Engine Optimization by two methods:-


In On Page search engine optimization, we perform keyword centric activities by the means of Meta Tags, Content Optimization, Anchor Tag, Alt Text on web pages of a website to make them search engine friendly. Better SEO optimized pages brings top search engine rankings, huge online visitors and leads. The role of content writing services is pivotal all across the entire on-page  search engine optimization as it helps a website to be at the top of ranking by right placement of keywords in the content.       


Off page optimization on the other hand is optimization activities performed away from a website. A typical off-page optimization activities by Cult Creations are consisted of placement of website’s links at different prestigious websites in order to gain referral traffic and links juice. Search engines prize good ranking to a websites better linked in other websites online. This is known as link-building. Some of the prominent off page activities carried out by Cult Creations as a Search Engine Optimization company in Delhi are:-

* Search Engine Submission: Under this, a website's urls is indexed on Google and other popular search engines for their crawlers to re-visit the website frequently to fetch the updated information on the website.

* Manual Directory Submission: An important off page seo activity, this is submitting a website's pages into popular online directories manually. Directories are online depositories of important website links, where, visitors look for useful and valuable information under a specific topic or category.

* Manual Bookmarking Submission:Websites urls are submitted on a various bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking is a method used by online visitors to store, organize, search, and manage web pages liked by them for future references.

* Blog Creation & Optimization: Writing, publishing and then sharing of blog post on different content sharing sites based upon selected keywords for search engine rankings and link-building

* Doc sharing (ppt/pdf):Sharing of documents in PPT and PDF formats on different content sharing websites for link-building.

* Classified, Content Marketing, Blog Commenting, Press Releases Creation & Submission, Forums, Article/ Blog Posting and others.

The role of content writing services remains of the primary importance at off page submissions.   

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Web personalization is an integral part of our SEO rankings that merely not position your brand, product and services at the top of a search engine, but also helps in generating valuable business leads and revenue as well.