In a recent market survey carried out by a leading marketing research company, the unanimous view came to the fore that in order to compete in current competitive business environment, it is extremely necessary for small businesses to include mobile apps into their day-today activities. The AT&T Small Business Technology Poll that occurred on a December online survey of 2,246 small business, owners and employees responsible for IT, reached at the conclusion that 38% of such businesses couldn’t go without mobile apps. Nearly three-fourths (72%) desired as mobile apps to be part of their routine business activities. GPS/navigation and mapping mobile apps topped the tally as being the most popular and the required and needed one. The 49% of respondents voted in favor of GPS navigation and mobile application as to save time, increase productivity and cut costs. More this research blow out facts like as 41% of respondents has a Facebook Page, the next 40% of company told as their employees using the wireless devices or technologies as to work away from the office. And in the last about 33% of small businesses said that they can use cloud based or software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions for their business objectives.
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