Social media has emerged as a potent communication tool for internet marketers and businesses in recent times. It has helped brands to increase their influence by reaching an audience, extend already existing reach and improve customer relationships. Internet and social media have impacted business to optimize their marking efforts and guided businesses to entirely transform their businesses practices, activities and revenues.

The influences of social media on consumer behaviour have been noticed in the surveys conducted by Twitter and Annalect, recently. According to the surveys, 40% of the online sale of some retails products occurred on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, where, the products were spotted by the audiences.

Impact of social media platforms at present is not only limited only social communication tools used by masses but also have extensively used by business to reach their targeted audience, in order to promote and sell their products, online.

Social Media Audience Engagement

How Social Media is Improving Overall Marketing Communication Experience!

Marketing as a business proliferation strategy is consisted of several components, and social media has now become an integrated part of an entire business communication campaign. Social media has contributed majorly to  a  marketing role of establishing an engagement with an audience by registering online presence for a product or service.

Whether, it is a SME or an enterprise, social media now has a deeper impact upon, their, overall marketing strategy. It has diminished the edge enjoyed by large corporate houses during a marketing campaign on account of their capacity to spend big on marketing and advertising campaign. With social medial in foray, small or large, all can run marketing camping alike on a same platform.

Techniques and Methods

Among the several social media marketing practices exercised in the market, the decentralized approach is more in trend. In this approach, the employees within the organization are given ownership of the social media accounts. With propensity to have more and direct interaction with the audience, the staff generates more personalized, interactive and user friendly content.

Personalized Audience Engagement

There is no better way in marketing to generate sales than getting engaged with a targeted audience or prospect. And social media marketing is the best at doing this.    

Social media marketing by its easier engagement methods builds close and personalized communication between a marketer and an audience. It has blurred the line of one way communication, existing, in direct marketing methods. This creates better opportunities for a business further resulting into an improved ROI and profits.

Improved Brand Awareness & Positioning

Marketing as a business practice is all about promoting brands, goods and services, and creating sales avenues for them by putting promotional messages across. Social media as a WEB 2.0 platform disseminates, the message more frequently and repeatedly. For instance, it helps to post and spread message in form of links about a new product pages across social platforms. It provides information at ease to an audience seeking for a certain product or services category.

And, with the right marketing campaign, a brand can reach out to a far wider audience irrespective of areas including local, regional, national or global.  Social media is a free tool to expand a business and its reach to an audience base everywhere in the world.

Optimized Customer Experience

In addition, through the data analytics services offered by social media tools, a company can have better understanding of customer behaviour with respect to product and services sold by them. The available data helps a brand to learn about its audience’s need through reading its demography and behaviour patterns.


No doubt, social media marketing as a brand building tool is more engaging, interactive and personalized to communicate with an audience, online.

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