There are many ways to drive immense traffic towards your blog. And, social media has become one of the popular ways for a blog to attract traffic with respect to reach as well as audience for viewership and product promotion for your brand. One can do it by creating and promoting a blog post on major social media sites in hope of generating clicks, views, readership and most importantly, lead and conversions. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Digg, Tumbler, Quora etc., are some of the popular social media sites that provides good opportunity to generate traffic for a website and its aligned blog.

Some Tested Methods to Share Your Blog to Social Media     

Sending mailing list regarding a blog post to readers is not always a successful effort to increase blog traffic instead a blog owner should use social media platform to increase its blog traffic.

  • Social Media Buttons:  Make it easier for your readers to get connected to your blog with the social media sites button on your blog. Their positioning with respect to social media sites is very important and necessary. Every new post published should be linked to Facebook and social media sites.  And readers must be able to search your blog on Facebook by its name as well.
  • Alternate Browser Site:  StumbleUpon, HubSpot, reditt and tumbler are some of the popular alternate browser and sites when users click through a post and a sort of viral is created and distributed across. Submitting a blog to stumble upon bring the traffic handsomely. And most importantly there must be strong following as well on the stumble upon as well.
  • RSS Feeds: The RSS feed should be imported to the Linkedin profile as well. It relates the blog with your professional goals as well. Pinterest and instagram has also emerged as a new savvy tool for social media purposes and utilities. Blogs with themes and appeals like fashion, food, design, crafts and travel and natural fit goes well on the Pinterest and drive good traffic.
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  • Shortens: They must be used form the site like for spreading awareness about your blog on Twitter and other such micro-blogging sites.

In addition, several blogger groups can be even joined on Facebook and other social media sites to increase reach of your blog to the readers in your niche.

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