Reputation management is now an imperative exercise to maintain decency online. And it is extensively cared about by digital marketing agencies as well.  There, many behaviors to communication online are in fashion. Some users, online take the best care to project themselves online, whereas, others adopt a causal approach to behave on internet. Search engines and social media play an important role in defining one’s image online.

One of the easy approaches for managing reputation online is

  • modifying privacy setting,
  • customizing the public views of the posts,
  • and deleting objectionable and unwanted information from the profile.

Online reputation-monitoring through search engines has increased to the level of 57% for adult internet users, who use search engines as to search information about them. The habit to monitor other’s activities online has also increased to considerable levels in recent times. People try to search information about other’s past on social media. Some popular online reputation managing activities among youth in age group of 18-29 are limiting the personal information, changing privacy settings, deleting unwanted comments. Removing names from photos is another important social reputation management activity online.

The habit of self-monitoring increases with dynamic environment enjoyed on social media sites depending upon specific audiences and activities done by them. This makes it more important to be much vigilant and aware on social media sites.  People also work with and among employers which has specific policies as they showcase themselves online.

30 % employed internet users work for employers those have specific guidelines for behaving online. For example they could have specific instructions about posting on blogs and sharing information among them. The trend among professionals to look for information about co-workers, professional colleagues or business competitors is even on rise. In personal relationship as well Social Media is used as method to search information about someone they are dating with.

Social networking users are especially attuned to the intricacies of online reputation management. Two-thirds now say that they have changed the privacy settings for their profile to restrict what they share with others online. Most have also chosen to prune certain friends from their networks when they become too large or contacts fall out of favor, and many actively “revise” the information that others post about them. It is also a common view about social media is that it helps in getting friends easy and in meaningful way.

Despite so much accuracy the reputational mishaps still occur among   celebrities, politicians and other major figures. Therefore, it is very necessary to remain extra cautious on social media sites and take guidance from a professional digital marketing agency about it.

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