In a latest development for Research in Motion’s Blackberry phone, Indian government has set deadline of 31 August to provide government access to all its services or otherwise its operations in India would be shut down.  The Indian government feels that blackberry can be used by militant and insurgents for any terrorist activities. In meantime, RIM has declined to comment on this issue. This is a fresh incident among many where RIM is under dispute with many international governments.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the first country that has proposed ideas to block Blackberry terming it as the national security risk as they send messages and e-mail without authorities with ability to monitor the communications. RIM bypass its messaging data to its servers in Canada the encryption used to secure is virtually untraceable. Other countries that have followed RIM with purpose to security RIM are Lebanon, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.  July this year, RIM responded in report in India’s Economic Times that firm would let Indian security authorities to monitor Blackberry services.

Government officials warned, in case, if no solution has been arrived at related to RIM  then they would let mobile phone operators to block BlackBerry’s messaging and e-mail services until RIM provides access to data transferred over the handset.

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