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The latest Google Algo update occurred during the month of November also termed as BERT is supposed to impact one in 10 of all search queries. After RankBrain, it is termed as a next big impact upon Google search algorithm after the gap of five years. 

The answer to million dollar question what BERT is all about includes Google’s neural, network-based technique for natural language processing (NLP) pre-training. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers.  BERT improves the computer’s understanding about language as similar to being like as humans. According to Google, the crawlers in the not leave prepositions like of on behind but with the help of them be able to better interpret meaning of a phrase and derive the search result.

Is BERT, optimizable for SEO ranking that is not a possibility in nearest future? As Google is approaching near to understand natural languages the best way for a webmaster is to keep its language as far as nearer and closer to human language. Due to BERT, there is possibility that around 10% of all queries will be impacted. So, it is best to keep watching and modulate content as according to the needs  of humans who are looking for the information.       

It would have a deeper role to play in and around snippets. RankBrain,the predecessor of BERT was Google’s first artificial intelligence method to  understanding search queries in 2015. It works as a way to dive deep into both queries and the content of web pages in Google’s index to better understand what the comprehension hidden behind the words. BERT is not a replacement for RankBrain, instead, it is an additional method for understanding content and queries. RankBrain can and will still be used for some queries, however, BERT has better capacity to understand Google queries. In fact, a single query can use multiple methods, including BERT, for understanding query.

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