In the advertising behaviors, the most common and noticeable drawback is appearing to be is insensitivity on the part of brands where a major difference is being found between what a brand commits during a campaign  and finally offers to the clients on the counter. From many reasons that disassociate a brand from the audience in the market some of the major ones has been discussed below, elaborately.  Each of these disconnects are strong enough to divert the attention from value creation and can stunt brand growth. They even hamper the assessment by the brand and even by the best advertising and creative agencies in Delhi.
•    The first foremost disconnection is that a brand faces is the gap of culture where brand fails to meet the expectations of culture and society. The most important factor in this disconnect is continuation of legacy values by the companies. Here brand fails to meet the ideas and expectation of the contemporary society. Companies unknowingly keeps on following the irrelevant, redundant and obsolete exercise that make and impact over the future relevance, value creation and growth of the brand and the organization.
•    The second disconnect here is the gap of context where big ideas fails to perform on the basis of creative execution and brand experience. The advertising agencies in Delhi are thus are forced to work upon this idea and thought as well.   This is the evenly true for the unintended message exercise that affects the future perception, brand/corporate image and key attributes of your brand and organization. Hence, digital marketing agencies in Delhi work around and over this idea too.  
•    The gap of trust is the third and the most important brand disconnect where the terms like honesty, trust go against the brand image, values,  ideals and actions on account of observance of the corporate behaviors. Advertising agencies in Delhi thus the brand and corporate ideals of a company like values, mission, vision, and purposes are being translated into the real-world actions through corporate behaviors, policies and customer experience across various touch points. This makes an impact upon the   future integrity, backbone and purpose as a brand and organization.
•    Last and the most important is the gap of social impact where goals are not rightly pitched in the brand messages and tonality. Advertising agencies thus work according to the identity and value system and tries to tweak brand and messages according to the respected areas and values.    
Thus paying attention to the discussed disconnects that separate a brand from a customer the companies in coordination and association with best advertising agencies can built their reputation and gain the lost one. 
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