Videos for producing viral are in sphere of digital marketing now days. 4G and 5G with their data advantage and internet speeds are playing pivotal role in spear heading online videos and other digital marketing activities for new generation promotional activities. However, video production-proliferation for a campaign success depends upon certain factors.  
Customizing an online campaign around a customer experience is an important step to promote product and commodities online according to the latest trends. Successful companies carry intensive research to gauge different attitudes and customer behaviors to include in their marketing campaigns. They are using the end results of these research for developing effective marketing strategies and positive digital transformations.
Data analysis and measuring is an important factor of online marketing otherwise you could be lost into a mammoth heap of data scattered across online. It complicates your goal of achieving set ROI.  So, a keen eye on data related to your business, whether, flowing out of your website or available across the online aligning to your industry, unless, properly to your business goal is only a business loss.  The data evaluation should be set around the various business goals as like profit, revenue, customer satisfaction, customer retention and satisfaction.
Appointed of the data driven enthusiast digital marketing force, the employee, should be expert in the marketing technology and data experts. As the data is flowing across online verticals as e-mail, social media, paid and earned marketing strategies, there, a full and complete knowledge should be with the data enthusiasts.
Social media, hence, should be used with more vigor and power ever before. It is to be implied and explored for the purpose of selling than marketing. Social media as a medium should be used for the blasting out the intensive generic content.
IOT or Internet of Things is the next big phase of the online business now days. Business can leverage out the benefit of getting maximum mileage through the several billion interconnected devices. Finally, digital marketing is transferring from the real time to right time digital transformation.
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