Generally, it is seen that it is a common practice among marketers that they hardly pay attention to the landing page design and content provided on it. They think merely a form and a few lines of text would go to bring ROI and sales in return.

They contrary invest heavily on outbound campaign telling others about the link and URL of the web page where content related to product on sale is provided. However things just go opposite to their expectation when a visitor navigate through their page and what he found it boring by content wise that is written over it as well as design of the page.

A good web page is that bound a reader to stick to it for one or two minutes, otherwise it is found, a visitor just skip away from the page. A good landing page accomplishes following task for a online marketer.

1. It lets reader to read a web page.
2. Prompt a visitor to type his name and address.
3. Leaves a phone number for a telemarketing call.
4. Receives an email id from a reader.
5. And in the very best situation gets a credit card payment from a visitor.

If a web page fails to deliver any of these tasks then it definitely is a wonderful page. The pages which are fairly made to achieve above said task are called landing pages. And landing pages too are known for being very low conversion rate. Therefore, it is self explanatory that how important it is for a landing or a web page to be good content as well as design wise.

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