Despite an effective and impressive means to carry out an online marketing campaign, e-mail marketing is losing ground on account of several reasons and concepts which have emerged in recent time on and around internet marketing arena. Social media has played an important role in denting the prominence of e-mailers as promotional tool for online marketing campaigns. However, the impact of email marketing would remain intact despite apprehensions from emerging trends in online marketing. According to a recent research by Forrester Research report, email marketing would surpass the estimated account and numbers by $2 billion by 2014.
E-mail marketing is all about sharing and sending across customers promotional and commercials.  E-mail marketing has many benefits over other mediums of online marketing like higher response rate, faster cycle, simplified campaign testing and much better lead generation and management. They are very helpful in reaching customers with targeted messages and also help companies in retaining their customers. E-mail marketing has emerged as a very potent and powerful medium for SMEs for being impressive and cost effective.  Email marketing is losing ground because of not working according to the expectations of customers. Frequent mailing disturbs a customer a lot and this way thought of a brand just vanishes away from their minds.

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