After all, with so much twist and turning around the market strategies, finally, once again content is driving away marketing, online. Yes, there is paid advertising, but has a lesser appeal for a consumer, while, watching the same boring image or video repeatedly on mobile and computer.

According to a recent estimation, there are nearly 200 million individual’s online using ad blockers to prevent repetitive ads. Content on the other side is self driven initiative for a consumer to get propelled towards a product. Thus enables a better propensity for the lead generation to a brand.

Content marketing is always has a higher rate of traffic generation in comparison to other lead generation tools and activities. It offers rather consistent traffic in comparison to other marketing activities.
When content gets engaged with bit and pieces of personalization, it is always rewarding to the brand. It helps a brand to be more customers focused and to have a better feedback about the product and services.
Contrary to common believe, content marketing is cheaper to an extent of 62 percent in comparison to outbound marketing promotion. It produces as much as three times leads in comparison to outbound marketing. Content marketing aids a   brand to effectively begin a promotion and no sooner it becomes popular among consumers.

In B2B marketing, content is employed as a pivotal step to the product launch and proliferation. With its communication developing tendencies, it works as binding force between consumers and brands. Though long standing, content marketing reap better dividends in terms of higher conversion rate when compared with the traditional marketing strategy. E-mail, as a part of content marketing returns the higher ROI rates due to its behavior of being more personalized, targeted and deliverable.


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