In copy or content writing, there are two variations of the copy writing which are generally used, either the longer one or the shorter one. However, there are two sides of writers and fraternity in advertising, one that supports the longer copy and the other side that is die-hard supporter of shorter copy.

Both types of copy have their own uses as according to its aspired users and followers. To one’s opinion, it is the long copy that is quite useful in selling and advertising proportions due to lead or main substance teased into reading the next paragraph and the next.
Whereas, the other section of writers is in support of shorter copy that is very well suited to the present day consumers who have very less time to read the full text of a copy. The supporters of the short copy say, the long copy loses its essence because of the boring lengthy content in it, and impatient consumer does not pay any attention to it.

However, there is a very wide gap between both types of copy; no single copy or content writing approach will ever fit into any product or service. So finally here again, the target audience comes into light even in determining the length of the copy for a product or service.

So, who anyway would read the longer and shorter version of the copy, CEO of the companies who have a very less time to read, because of their busy schedule and being a power thinkers are the most potent readers for the shorter copies.  They can easily reach up to the conclusion merely on the basis of facts. So a shorter copy provided with facts is well suited for delivering its result.         
In Case for a longer copy, it is 40% of the population that has tendency to invest into and that goes for a careful explanation to every piece of information provided in a longer copy. Thus it depends on the product and target audience that decides about the right type of copy or content writing piece to be written by writer.

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