There many qualities and attributes are required in an actual and a real time curator. Being a good subject matter expert is one of the necessary attribute for a content curator. Unless a person has not an interest about a subject or topic, he cannot write about it nor can curate information about that topic. A person can become a better curator if he has any familiarity with sources. As influencers he is expected to have knowledge about   industry jargon and various technical terms.

The other qualification added with SME is the Relevance that a person possess in having himself to become a better subject matter expert. He should have very good knowledge and sense of understanding with the audience he is trying to communicate with. By knowing, or rather, by selecting a priori, a very specific audience interest, problem or need news curator can approach in a well calculated and systematic manner and even can select the most satisfying stories as catering to need and attitudes of his respective audience.

Trust, a new curator can develop over a period of time by creating a subject matter expertise and consistent, repeated relevance. Here specific trust is all about is in you as developing you as an expert reporter in the particular specific subject matter area. Trust therefore can be developed by first understanding, identifying a specific content, theme related to a precise problem. By the virtue of personal subject matter expertise one can become a successful curator by selecting best resources. More an ideal curator should have the following qualities and skills in him as: Online Re-Search Skills, New Media Literacy Skills, Communication Skills, Editorial Skills, Semantic Skills, Social Skills, Information Librarian Skills and finally Technical Skills.

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