In modern time where content is needed to be related to many objectives, there emerges an urgent need to look at content with perspective of content analytics, smart content and business intelligence. Content Analytics can be observed as mean for business intelligence (BI) for content. So it is very imperative for a content expert to look into ever important issue of content analytics and BI and it thus share motivations. It you don’t keep your content and data intact then you are definitely missing opportunities and losing business.

So one can move ahead on the road to content with “Business Intelligence”, with the steps on the path way of the smart content. Smart content is created on the basis of thorough set of relevant documents, aggregated in real time by intelligent search engines from electronic databases, online news, blogs, online forums, discussions groups, online video, and microblogs. Advanced technologies like text analytics, entity extraction, sentiment scoring, topic identification, data mining and others are should be used to achieve intelligence in near real-time and thus that knowledge should be further used with friendly portals. 

The next step to content with BI is its matching with customer needs. Content must be according to a customer’s need. If you don’t lose money then what you lose are your customers by using inappropriate content there. So you need to have a bit idea about your customers need and then next you should mould your content according to your customer’s need and requirement.

Finally, the reporting Aid is another important part of this content with the business analytics and with the media of blogging and RSS feeds from about every source there content can be systemically analyzed and checked for everything from concepts, people, place and organizations. This objective can be approached with the aggregation, search, and discovery of actionable business information, detection of business structure patterns.  More this pattern can be appended with discovery of patterns and having the idea of emerging knowledge industry.

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