On the broader perspective advertising performs three important tasks.

  • Provide product and brand information: Although many ads are devoid of information, providing the consumer with relevant information that will aid in decisions making is the main function of advertising. The information given depends on the needs of the target audience. In the case of purchasing a new suit, information involves s price and outlet location.
  • Provide Incentives to take action: In most cases a consumer is reluctant to change establish behavior. despite if they are dissatisfied with the current product or service, he keeps on using the same product or service, a habit has been established and learning and learning about a new product appears difficult. Advertising provide a consumer a reason to switch brands by presenting reasons through copy or graphics.
  • Provide reminders and reinforcement: Advertising keep memory of a product or service remained fresh in a customer’s mind. Constantly focus on brand’s name, benefit, value and more.

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