Websites now in the period of social are playing an active role in promotion and advertising of brand and products. Therefore social media is playing an active role in converting websites into a medium for sharing and promotion on the cyber space. If a business doesn’t integrate social media channels with its website, then it is obviously losing out potential lead generation and business resulting into loss of sales. There are many ways a social integration of website is achieved.
•    Weaving social media buttons onto a website is a first major step socialization of a website. Buttons should be inherent as a part of the navigation panel otherwise visitors may not be able to notice them.
Social Media Integration
•    As, your website has a regular viewership, it is always advisable to blend your Twitter feed or Facebook posts directly on the website. But those twitter feed should be socially active, otherwise, chances of losing out socially media traffic are very high and robust.
•    Including share buttons into fully running e-Commerce site is the next important change that you should carry out to your website. If you have not share button on products page you are amply losing out the valuable impressions of your website. 
•    Another important point to social media optimization is integrating the social media codes into analytics. It helps in assessing and measuring the website traffic generated by the medium of social networking websites.       Google analytics and web master tool are the important social media traffic measuring tools.
Finally, the other smart way to do social media is updating any changes occurring across the social media sphere onto your website to get the valuable audience attention.

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