Email distribution and newsletter mailing services are tested and proved online marketing methods available on the cyberspace to provide a website for a much needed web traffic. They help you to get connected with your customer in a helpful and in most intimate manner.

As to develop this relationship and enhance relations with customers, Commercial newsletter distribution comes as a great aid and help. Commercial newsletter distribution services are perfect to create this intimate relationship with your community of fans, because they offer advanced control over how you distribute your content to your mailing lists, how you layout and present your content in them, and over how you personalize and customize it so that it reads and feels written personally to all of your subscribers.

Generally, commercial newsletter distribution services are all characterized by the following set of standard features:

Additional Sign up Form: You can place an embeddable registration form on your website or blog to facilitate readers and customers to subscribe to your newsletter. The sign-up form is fully managed and hosted by the newsletter service.

List Management: You can create mailing lists to organize contacts who will receive your newsletter and you can also easily handle subscribes and unsubscribes.

Scheduling: You can plan precise times and dates to send your newsletter.

Autoresponders: You can design a set of email content templates which are automatically sent when your subscribers perform specific actions. For example, if a reader subscribes to your newsletter, she will receive a “Thank you” email in return, or an email which introduces her to your latest story and offerings.

Support: You receive assistance in the form of tutorials or support forums, to learn how to manage your email marketing campaigns efficiently, and oftentimes the service you choose will even share with you how to maximize your efforts when planning your email campaign.

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