While designing an e-mailer as talked earlier, the focus on an e-mail client that is image disable feature should be paid higher level of consideration and effort at designing stage. For example, 60 percent of the readers do not pay attention on disabled image feature and keeps on reading emails. For tempting a reader to read your images, there should be some thing attractive as notification for enabling image. If readers have not any valid reason to do so, they can easily pass away an e-mail written with hard efforts and concentration.

Preview panes are another important part as a recent market study said, “A MarketingSherpa study found that over 95 percent of B2B email recipients are using an email client that is capable of using preview panes, and 69 percent are using preview panes. The percentage for B2C recipients was lower with only 38 percent using a client that was preview pane capable and 27 percent using preview panes. However versions. Guidelines for Effective Email Creative All rights reserved of Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail both feature preview panes. This means a much higher percentage of B2C recipients will soon be able to use preview panes if they wish. MarketingSherpa’s same study found that when given a choice to use a preview pane, 69 percent of respondents chose to do so. This means that paying extra attention to your preview pane design will become increasingly important to the success of your email campaigns. Make sure any important headlines are text. If your message is image heavy, replicate the key points as text at the top of your email. If sending an email newsletter, consider listing the article titles or key points at the top of your message. All these steps should entice readers and give them reasons to open your message.”

After panes it is rich media in form of flash embedded video and video is doing wonder for e-mail marketing. As a reader pays quick response to an e-mailer, however flash is not enabled with all e-mail clients.

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