Smart Phone Marketing Exploring New Areas in Advertising in 2016

The advertising trends for the year 2016 is as similar as to conventional mode of advertising adopted and have been carried out for a century and more. The advertising mediums as television, print, radio and internet and social media are now have been radically influenced and are getting improvised by more of a consumer preference and choice. Whether it is television, print, radio, internet and social media, they all are making efforts and trying to make amendments where to strategically put your advertisement.
Consumers now don’t wish to have merely ‘liked’ a page or influenced by pushy content, they wish to have their desired coupons, a place to share experiences and offer customer help and services to the customers. So, how an advertising agency can make a better use of these surveys and reports for making better promotional activities in second half of advertising activities and trends.

As smart phones are emerging as means and method for now the best form of communication. An informal chat to a very serious business discussions, all are now negotiated and carried out at smart phone and therefore it is natural for an adverting agency to carry out  a business strategy and promotion on and through  now a no better medium than a mobile phone.   
There are many ways and means to run a mobile marketing campaign, however, some of the most popular on the run marketing mobile strategies including are one click website conversion, marketing with mobile coupons, mobile data, go social and mobile e-commerce. 
By one click website conversion, a normal website can be converted into mobile website; there are many ways and means this objective can be accomplished as by many such popular websites.
Other way to do intensive mobile marketing is issuing discount and sales coupons to drive new and popular business mobile coupons are far more easier way for brands to make a reach to customers. With number of smart phone getting more and more day- by-day, e-mail marketing definitely switch gears to smart phone and activities.
The next revolutionary step to mobile advertising is a smart phone’s capacity to store a large number of data that can be shared wide and across with smart phone users, more it is backed by online cloud setup. The next important way to take advantage of social media is promoting it on smart phone to have access to potential customers on social media.          
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