Directory:  This is a website with many a number of directory pages. DMoz is an example of the Directory.
•    Directory page: A Single page with links related to Web Pages.

•    Doorway (gateway): A web page that is designed specifically to attract traffic from a search engine. A doorway page which redirects users (but not spiders) to another site or page is implementing cloaking. – Previous Definition revised based upon advice from Michael Martinez

•    E- Commerce Site: From these website retail sales is organized and is carried out.

•    Feed Content: That is provided to user through special websites or programs like as aggregators.

•    FFA (Free For All): A page or site with many outgoing links to unrelated websites, containing little if any unique content. Link farms are only intended for spiders, and have little if any value to human users, and thus are ignored or penalized by the search engines.

•    Frames: This is a web page that is divided by frames and a web page with frames is considered as bad for SEO because of the spiders a bot fails to navigate page accordingly.

•    Gateway Page (doorway page): This is a web page that works as to attract traffic from a search engine and further on to another site or page. However, it is a different process than cloaking. 

•    Google Bowling: The bad practice of bringing a sites rank down by sending it links from the bad neighborhood.

•    Google Dance:  The change in SERPs as resulted from an update of the Google database or algorithm. Or this is a Google index update that occurs to the different data centers at a time and it makes a variable change into Google ranking.

•    Google Juice: The page with the google trust and flowing outgoing links to other pages.

•    GoogleBot: Google’s spider Application

•    GYM: The combination of three big search engines like Google, Yahoo and  Microsoft.

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