•    301: This is a permanent server redirect.

•    Adwords: This is a contextual Pay Per Click advertisement program run by Google. 

•    Adwords Site: These are denoted sites that are made only from the base as for Google Adwords advertising.

•    Affiliate: An affiliate site markets products or services that are actually sold by another website or business in exchange for fees or commissions.

    Algorithm (algo): This is an application program employed by search engines to determine to determine what pages to rank for provided search query.

•    Alt Text: it is a description of a graphic or an image that is provided in text.  Alt text is very important as search engine identifies an image on the basis of its Alt Text.

•    Analytics: this is an application program that helps in collecting and analyzing data about the website usage. Google analytics is a feature rich, popular, free analytics program.

•    Anchor text: The text of a link that is visible to a user is called Anchor Text. Search engines male use of anchor text to indicate the importance of the referring site and of the link to the content on the landing page.

•    Authority site:  This is a site that has many incoming links from other major and prominent sites.  An authority site generally has high trust, pagerank, and search results placement. Gmail is an example of an authority site.

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