In most of the marketing campaigns where online business development is an integral part of overall campaign strategy, the role of landing pages cannot be ignored. Landing pages, generally, attached to search engine results or a page connected to an online banner ad or PPC ad are corner stone for generating handsome number of conversion and leads for a business, especially, when it is dealing mostly into online business activity as an e-commerce or shopping cart. However, on a broader scale a landing page accomplishes following goals and objectives:-

•    E-Commerce
•    Lead Generation

•    Branding Education
•    Relationship
•    Membership
•    Viral outreach

Considering above mentioned goals landing page has following stages for its designing and deployment into an online campaign:-

1.    Conversion Definition
2.    Selecting Urls and hosting
3.    Demographic Research
4.    Graphic Elements, layout and form design
5.    Copy Writing      

The important constituents of a landing page includes:-

•    Logo
•    A clickable Hero shot
•    Conversion action link or button
•    Headline
•    Quick offer explanation
•    Longer Product / Service Explanation
•    Links to extended services
•    Deadlines
•    Forms and descriptive tags next to each field
•    Taglines describing what your brand does or stands for
•    Security and reassuring elements such as the certifications
•    Testimonials, which might be textual or include photos or audio / video
•    Technical specifications
•    Guarantees
•    Rich Media Elements (streamed video / audio Flash)    
And your landing page after conversion should be supported with a Thank You page with some special offer letting a visitor to come again to your website.   


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