Role of a creative idea in advertising for selling a product, commodity and service can be ascertained from the competition a product faces in the market. A creative idea helps a product to look more edgy and far closer to a customer needs and requirement. The effort of a creative team from creative director to last man in production is heavily lies in the fact to represent their product more attractive and appealing to the masses and target audience.
While outlining the benefits and features of an advertisement, a modern brand campaign from the stages of conceptualization, ideation and creation is heavily depends on aesthetics or some sort of creative message delivery. In process of creativity it is innovation that also plays very important and great role in making advertisement to workout in an ads favor. 
So what exactly is creativity for a creative agency and a marketer? They devote their entire resources in search of creative solutions that pave a path for enduring and successful brands. And here innovation, constant and persistent chase for ideas and ignition of an idea at very apt time is more necessary for accomplishing advertising campaigns.
Now it is duty of creative agencies to invest capital as well as time into unproved ideas to patent rightly and copy write the brightest idea. And then the idea should be promoted with right tone and tune to divert attention as attuned to the need of a promotional campaign. It is an imperative for entire creative team to make that idea realized aesthetically as well as salability.        
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