The German newspaper Welt Kompakt is using the hype as created by Google Wave. Kompakt is pioneer in launching a public Wave, helping readers to interact with the title.
The newspaper, which styles itself as the ‘little sister’ of national daily Die Welt, is thought to be the first on Google Wave, using the real time service to interact with its readers.

It already has a presence on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, where it is making use of the new Twitter Lists feature to make more of its content available. This link will take you through to the public Welt Kompakt Google Wave but be warned, it has a lot of messages in it and most of them are in German.

All these efforts are to help the title appeal to young readers with lots of money to spend, or “young educated and high-income readers in the cities,” as Jan Bayer, publishing director of Die Welt group, put it. The changes are being advertised in a campaign running across online and offline media.

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