Mobile operator O2 is initiating a massive landmark in the field of providing free internet to millions of residents and visitors living in central London enabling it to b the Europe’s largest free wi-fi zone. The service is  exclusively for areas of Westminster and Kensington. It is powered by a system installed on street furniture. Councillor Philippa Roe, cabinet member for strategic finance at Westminster City Council, told in a media brief, “Westminster welcomes over a million tourists a day, is home to 250,000 residents, employs over half a million people and sees 4,000 business starts-ups each year.”

London is in league with other major cities like Paris, where several hundred individual wi-fi zones offer free connections in public parks and municipal spaces. New York also provided free wi-fi parks and have started free wi-fi services at its subway stations. The service is very useful for tourists coming from foreign lands that remain quite worried for their expensive mobile costs.

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