Link Building, which has evolved as the most prominent method to get niche for a website and most useful method and practice used by an internet marketer to popularize a website on World Wide Web and Internet can be understood as a process germinated from interlinking of websites or existed pages within a website with the help of hyper links.
A hyperlink is a reference or navigational element in a document to another section of the same document or to another document that may be on a (different) website.
And further, there are types of hyperlinks that are related to Link Building or Link Popularity. However, idea or practice of link popularity is more cornered around the concept of search engine marketing and search engine optimization. To get the better idea about the importance of Search Engine, it is imperative to get an idea about search engine optimization and related activities.
Search Engine (Definition and Working, Introduction to all the important search engines as brief introduction to their working with respect to links) working with respect to the use of links.
Evolution of Search Engines: Link building, link popularity or any other allied activity related to internet or internet marketing have now condensed and focused towards the search engine and search engines like Google and Yahoo! are dictating search engine market.
But initially, the scene of Internet Market was different when search market and internet marker was in early age. Before the search engines and search directories the search activities were based on word of mouth or searching useful link from various websites.
In order to provide the accumulated information Alan Emtage, a Mc Gill University student made Archie the first most popular collection of internet sites especially for FTP sites in 1900.
Certainly, that is the story of Archie, one of the first attempts at organizing information on the Net. Created in 1990 by Alan Emtage, a McGill University student, Archie archived what at the time was the most popular repository of Internet files, Anonymous FTP sites.
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