Blessed with enormous trekking grounds scattered across Himalayan mountain range you can test your rock climbing skills as well on a India day tours, the most popular form of tour packages offered by tour operators in India. Specifically, for rock climbing as well as enjoying surrounding picturesque locations there are many other scenic locations that you can book on an India day or group tours. The southern plateau and Western Ghats of India offers some idyllic locations for Rock Climbing in addition to Himalayan trekking grounds.
Parvati Valley Rock Climbing 
Parvati Valley in Himachal Pradesh is known to be one of the most popular locations for Rock Climbing in India. Located in far remote North West Spiti is another important Rock Climbing area is Kang La pass that is also known to be valley of flowers. Miyar Valley close to Zanskar and Ladakh is another popular area for rock climbing in India.
Shey Rock Rock Climbing   
Shey Rock in Jammu and Kashmir is another important place that is known for the exclusive rock climbing expeditions and activities. Hardly, about 20 minutes away from Shey town is located Shey rock where an excellent arrangements of terra firma has an equal appeal for an novice as well as expert rock climber. The Shey rock district of Leh is ideally best for rock climbing purposes in summer months. In south Indian state of Karnataka Madhugiri, Savandurga and Hampi are some other popular location for rock climbers  tourist from all across the globe on a India Day tour.
India Day Tour – Hampi Rock Climbing  
The magnificent slope of Savandurga slope situated about 33 kms west of Bangalore is considered as one of the biggest stone monument slopes in Asia, is as much tall as equivalent to 1226 m. Another important rock climbing location in south is Hampi, a UNESCO world heritage site. The spot has developed into a most popular rock climbing site for tourist is peculiarly is popular for rock climbing among domestic as well foreign tourists. The spot is developed from red sandstone is shake climber’s best spot and must be visited in winter. Pythamala in Kannur district about 4500 ft above the sea level and Malshej Ghat in the Thane region of Maharashtra are equally popular among rock climbers. 

Mahlesj Ghat Rock Climbing  
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