Content writing with span of time and expansion of internet have developed into a better alternative for writers to exhibit their writing capabilities, who till now has to depend on the mercy of publishers and fraternity from the print media. Content writing in a broader aspect provided a contemporary person to exhibit his writing skills on the internet on websites, in blogs or in the form of wikis. Content writing has given full meaning to the right to expression and somehow supported cause of Democracy.

The thus discussed aspect of content writing was more related to universal appeal of writing. However as an occupation content writing in form of web content and ad copy writing have wide opened a vast sea of opportunities for a writer. On net there are multiple areas where a person can use his talent of writing. He can be a simple web content writer, a travel writer, a blogger, a technical writer, a copy writer and a writer to use his skill in many other areas too.

With the advent and expansion of search engines as for finding information on Internet the importance of a content writer has increased manifold as it is content in a form of keyword helps a person to search an item on internet. It is the keyword and search engine that brings out the useful pages on particular topic to a net users notice. So here is again it is content writer who makes a page to be filled with related keyword to be traced and ranked on a search engine. Long lives a content writer!