You being as a copy or content writer to perceive better sales should look your copy or content writing with preview of using the power of free or word free. It is tendency or proven human character that a person loves getting something free without expense anything from one’s pocket.

And this ‘word’ free is great driving force for a content writer to collect as much as possible support form a reader on Internet worth cost for its content writing. You as a content writer can ponder over the placement of word free in a copy in positions like:

·        Inclusion of the word free in copy or a free offer

·        Placement of the offer in a copy

·        And nature of the offer

As for the inclusion of word free in copy it is good advice that it should properly be used in the copy as a person who may be not getting attracted for a product may convert towards for the lure of free offer. It as a content writer can be placed by you at many places in the copy, in the headlines, in first paragraph, in the end or some other place in copy that is attention grabber for a reader. However, this offer also depends on product or service, offer itself and the advertising medium.

Now it is million dollar question that what should be offered free as there is wide opinion about it. As an online offer: articles, reports, books, w-books, access to special sites, tutorials, memberships, consultations can be offered.

In an offline content writing piece reports, books, coupons for related services, magnets, key chains, pens and calendars are given or provided to a customer. So this way you as a content writer can made your content writing wonderful with a free offer.
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