A million masks I wear a million roles I play
The night sees one side of me, the other sees the day.
With mother I’m the strong woman, as bold and as brave as can be,
I refuse to expose my vulnerable side, the sensitive and emotional me.
With dad I am this funny clown, who tickles his funny bone,
With a one off glimpse of the adult me but a childish overtone.
My room mate thinks I’m all sorted out with plans for ten years ahead
Unaware that I live for the day and never plan the path I tread.
Friends and foe see a carefree spirit, who is happy and smiles away,
They fail to see beneath the smile, the pain so dark and grey.
Relatives adore the ideal daughter, the ideal girl they see,
They don’t know my limitations, they don’t know the real me.
Dhobi does the clothes of a full fledged homemaker, who effortlessly runs the show,
He can’t see the mess that I get myself in, he can’t see the line that I toe.
Bai loves to talk to the innocent lass, who can’t tell white from black
She’s never spoken to the shrewd woman, a nut that is tough to crack.
Aunties in church say I’m religious, much holier than holiness can be,
They wouldn’t think of what a devil I am, my pitchfork they can’t see.
Finally my dears if I’d meet The Bacchan I’d throw him my sophisticated smile
Secretly admiring the aura of the man and drooling over his style!


Contributed By Melissa
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