There are many ways to drive traffic to a blog and social media is becoming one of the popular tools for a blog to derive traffic with respect to approach and appeal. To create and promote following on a major social media sites is one of the best ways to generate traffic for a website. This promotes brands and provides better and advanced clicks.Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon provides good opportunity to generate traffic for a website and a blog on social media platforms.

It is a nice way to connect your blog readers to connect with various social media sites, make it easier for your readers to get connected to the entire social media sites button easily on the blog. Their positioning with respect to social media sites is very important and necessary. Every new post published should be linked to Facebook. And readers must be able to search your blog on Facebook by its names as well.

StumbleUpon emerged as an alternative search engine which acts as an alternate browser when users click through a post and a sort of viral is created and distributed across. Submitting a blog to stumble upon bring the traffic handsomely. And most importantly there must be strong following as well on the stumble upon as well.

The RSS feed should be imported to the LinkedIn profile as well. It relates the blog with your professional goals as well. Pinterest has also emerged as a new savvy tool for social media purposes and utilities. Blogs with themes and appeals like fashion, food, design, crafts and travel and natural fit goes well on the Pinterest and drive good traffic.

Shortens must be used form the site like for Twitter and other such micro-blogging sites. And last and the most important other blogger groups can be joined on Facebook and other social media sites and other blogger also must be promoted by you and they will oblige by popularizing your blog.

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