With an ample offering of technology on your side there are now many steps to procuring or purchasing a product or commodity in the market. And one of those respective steps is having an online research about the product or services that you are considering buying. On an online research for a commodity or service the most appealing observation that   comes to the mind is the posted comments and online reviews by the prospective buyers or by already those who have possessed that commodity. This way an online user gets engaged with others and shares his point view about a commodity or services. Therefore sharing information about product and services with others is too essential for and is an integral part of buying experience.
A common consumer share thoughts about a commodity and service on various social networking sites and on Amazon, therefore online product reviews are an easier way to share product related info with others. Consumers are the side of online product reviews the other section that can be benefited from online reviews are the retailers as they can assess feedback about a product through online reviews. 
From a retailer’s preview a product review helps by starting by offering supporting customer reviews, images and content that is worth updating and catching. Next, they should involve with visitors providing access to websites, products and services and the customer service. After this a company need to be prompt and active on a customer’s feedback and must accommodate changes into a website accordingly. A delayed response to feedback can be damaging for the company. And finally, in the last it is very imperative for companies to get into touch with customers by every possible means of conversation whether it is online or offline.
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