Usability and design are the most important issues when someone decides upon sharing them on internet. However, an article written on internet need more efforts for being displayed around and proliferated so a reader can reach up to an article. So in order to get your article published around and liked by others you can take following steps to succeed.

•Personas: In the digital world, it is easier to get a precise profile of an audience, but it still helps to be able to actually “picture” some typical users in your mind. Interaction designers call them “personas” and they can be a useful exercise to put yourself in the shoes of your readers and assess how well you are meeting their needs.

User feedback: While it is extremely useful, user feedback should be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, often users do not really have enough experience using your site to know what they want. Better information can be gleaned by observing how your site is actually used through analytics data and by making changes accordingly.

•User testing: Create two different versions of an element of your website or of a piece of content you have produced, and then show some of your users the “A” version and others the “B” version to determine which version works best.

Community Curation: You should leverage the opportunity to engage and collaborate with your users on the content creation process. For example, you may allow your readers to rate and share your content via social media thus gaining useful data on what your audience favors most.

Search Engine Optimization: SEO can indeed help you a great deal to make your content findable and visible inside Google and other search engines. Titles, tags, writing style, all these components of your content do contribute to reach all those people who do not come to your web site on a daily basis or are not subscribed to your RSS feed. However, the biggest potential benefit in search engine optimization comes not from fresh content, but rather from the huge volume of archival content that your web sites accrues over time, and that can be re-used and further improved.