The social media now in its true sense has become viral for people. Now people have become more accustomed with social media and the social behavior represented by it. After having the good understanding of social media in 2012, it would be used by people as popular mean to do business and communicate with target market and consumers.

To enter into and exploit the band wagon of social media, smart marketers are testing, tweaking and experimenting with lots of things on social media. They are extensively testing with like and trust, the best way to sell anything on social media. It is path full of patience and concentration, but once the way is clear you can move ahead to sell anything in the environment and atmosphere of social media.
But selling approach on social media is bit different from the conventional selling. The old method can only work in way when advertising efforts are based on stumbling.    But there are many innovative ways to sale on social media that can break jargon of old and rudimentary method of social media.

•    Start with modifying your messages. The 140 character message should be something like that people may reply back instead of clicking, which people

•    The next important method to social media marketing is targeted messages. The message should be targeting to the specific market instead of entire Facebook or Twitter.

•    It is just impossible to buy a product merely by writing a simpler tweet. It does not contain enough information to develop trust. First of all provide the valuable piece of content to a user. Provide your prospect with piece of information that he is looking for. Provide something free that is far better from the most one’s paid stuff.

•    After this it is time to get engaged with your customer. Ask your prospect along providing information for to share there views, rate things and to help them to make the entire world a better place to live. Make a feedback form and socialize it. Make it simpler to be email, tweet and like.  And in the end ask for the order.

After this much effort, finally convert your lead into a sale.



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