Real Time Web Analytics
Real-time web analytics tools have ease the task of a content strategists as it clearly illustrates and tells about the audience likes, dislikes and then further appropriately responding to the things. All content strategists can now plan things accordingly to the want of content as received feedback from audiences and thus appropriately analyzed out.

Delivering content that has ample importance, which is shareable and even the findable actually is an ultimate goal of every content strategist. With real time packages one can easily learn how users react to your content. And real time analytics packages have indeed has made it quite true. The real time analytics helps in Planning, Creating, Executing and Governing content. 

The conventional way for content strategists to know his audience was by the means of surveys, analysis of analytics, company knowledge and development of personas and to web professionals this indeed is a very boring and frustrating experience. With a new web analytics if you are a content strategist, information architecture or UX professional then you love to do real-time analytics. You can now study your readers now with the help of tools like as Clicky, Chartbeat and Optify. Omniture can also be used for the purpose as well.

Chartbeat is one such application that looks like a dashboard and there with a needle you can employ as much as users on the particular site right now. It shows what pieces of content your users are presently interacting with in respect to both reading as well as writing too. It also presents the various traffic sources which is quite massive in terms of the integrated content marketing strategy. Its other features include as page load times, worldwide locations of users, search and referring various traffic sources. But you can not learn Chartbeat as instantaneously and does need a good amount of quality time there.

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