Product Catalog different from a brochure with respect to size, target audience and call to action, requires a different approach in its designing, while it combines more of a product specifications has not much to say or discuss about pitching and lead generation. Yet one business can hire services catalogue making agency in Delhi NCR or some other place based on his business preferences.
So, what takes to design an interesting, elegant and purpose solving product catalogue:-      
First important point to design an elegant and selling product catalogue is it’s designing for the audience. A business-to-business (B2B) catalog happens to be very different than a business-to-consumer (B2C) catalog. And obviously catalog for a young person would entirely be different from an elder person.
The second important part to a product catalog designing and making its specifications and details as centrally based and focused around products and its services. It can be done through and by a larger product image in conjunction with befits, features and profit provided by it.   As larger the benefit offered by a product as bigger the product image adequately supported by a compelling copy.
Never get into an act of clubbing product images together as they rather result into poor product sales, instead, represent them separately or in smaller product groups. Then lifestyle shots with an interesting or aesthetic background could be put with lifestyle moods.      
Product images for the product catalogues are another great subject to be dealt with carefully, client supplied, web images or scanned images, mostly, are far below the resolution purposes of printing images. In this scenario, shooting your own product catalogue or hiring a professional photo shoot, instead of investing money into a dull looking product catalogue.A special consideration for logo s is also very essential and imperative with respect to their positing on a product catalog.          
As far as designing is concerned, the important items should be placed at top right side of the catalogue as it is human tendency to look at the right top side and area of product catalogue and gets noticed and comes into notice immediately, so, the most interesting and appealing products should be put at top of the catalogue pages. 
Also mention between cross selling of products mentioning other as well as website at the product catalogue. And finally, there is no need to mention about clarity and ample space between texts.
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