The exhibition stall designing trends are taking new shape and ideas for the coming future at many aspects and activities. There, many trends are surfacing at and about exhibition stall creation at metros for making an important impact at the show, while, creating more and at the same time raising the awareness of the brand.   
However, stall designing is the next and later on stage that succeeds the booking of the space at a stall. You only have seven seconds to make an impression on potential customers at an event and your exhibition stand is key to making sure it is a good one.
Here, we will look out for the trends that could shape a better stall designing in future times. The exhibition stall designing trends in Delhi have been changing in Delhi as well as metros with respect to material used while making exhibition designs.    
From the conventional way and methods of stall and exhibition designing the wood has become the trend of gone era.  But stall designing with the help of wood has its own limitation as for the complicated stalls, it is an entire team of carpenters that take around 3-5 days to build and break down the stand, hence increasing the cost of the stall to be multiple times. 
Exhibition Stall Design  

When making the modular stand, wood is the only option, but under the new trends in exhibition stall designing have allowed lightweight aluminium panels to be joined together is the trend that is picking up in the Industry.  The aluminum frame can be easily fixed up into easy-change fabric graphics or graphics on a substrate such as Dibond or Foamex board. The new material can be compared as an easy fraction of the cost in comparison to a wooden stand.            
Aluminium frame can be used for a good number of activities and purposes as they are re-usable for a good number of applications and could be reused for a number of activities and application even for the future events. Another option that have become massively popular among exhibitors is curved stands that is even now accessible on the friendly prices to medium and small businesses. Curved stands, a futuristic element and let your branding to be visible from the every side.  
Overall, sustainability is the key for the exhibition stall designs for the future, where, exhibition stall designs are happening to be recyclable.           
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