If you are the one who takes great interest in minute details of almost anything which is technical and have a flair for writing then technical writing is the career option which you were looking for.So let me first answer you what can you expect in a technical writer’s job profile. If you happen to be in a big company then you may have to work in collaboration with a huge team consisting of web page developers, technical gurus, graphic designers and freelance writers. You will be involved in writing manuals, web pages, newsletters and tutorials etc. But if you work for a smaller company then you may have to do all the above tasks on your own.

How to be a technical writer? 

To be a good technical writer you have to first try to be both a good student and a good teacher. When I say a teacher I mean you should be able to reach out to your audience and make them understand what you have got to say in their first reading. You need to have zeal to learn and understand technical things, unless you understand the technology you are writing about you cannot make your audience understand it.
The huge misconception about technical writing is that, technical writing is all about computers alone. But in reality it involves not only computers but also Chemistry, Aerodynamics, Nanotechnoly, Robotics. So if you’re a interested in almost any field of science and want to think of an alternate career option then technical writing is the way to go.

Another important requirement which employers look for in a technical writer is his understanding of usage of computers. A little bit of XML knowledge can help you in long run
Scope in technical writing

In technical writing you can be fortunate enough to work in collaboration with Scientists in preparing their manuals and technical scripts involved in their research. This can be a huge exposure for you and a testing phase of your actual technical writing skills. 

The other fields can be manufacturing units, to write manuals about their products in both print and web. Many Pharmaceutical industries also hire technical writers to write about their drugs. Companies involved in web page development are a huge source of employment providers for technical writing

Contributed By Sumita 

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