The last decade has seen big change in reference to media industry and activities as the media consumption now has shifted towards the publications, online. Now the social network has taken the center stage as a crowd sourced news editors. Now a publication instead of going straight to a website for scan, only check the popular stories from bite sized news headlines that have been posted or re-tweeted on various social media sites.    Another big shift into the tech activities is the media infrastructure, with iPad having the rather big focus for the media planning by the big print media houses like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.  And with the change in media, there an obvious change has been experienced by PR as well.  Public relations will have to fair on cloud as web has become a big conglomeration of social media sites and social networking sites. And focus is more on what people like to consume and share and that thought will even prevail for PR next year as there would be more PR strategies with focus on social sharing at the upfront. News (news) releases will have more attention-grabbing or controversial headlines to get better and repeated retweets.

Next there will be more direct editorials in coming year as companies move ahead from banner style advertising to new types of content- driven ad experiences, sponsored content and creative syndication partnerships. And there will be a great and unmeasured need for the content. More there would be enhanced corporate blogging in 2011. As it is easy to promote blog through social media now new companies will make effort to promote blog through social media as well. In coming year there would be massive and increased need for the exclusive items like instantaneously online, straight news coverage will become a commodity. More publications will start and enhance use of podcasts and video interviews to support their print and online stories. PR professionals would create ideas for podcasts with pitches to create more comprehensive and compete picture of the story. Thus PR pitches will be part of original searches.     

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