The present time of uniqueness in terms of development is causing many changes in the social media. As more and more people are being connected to each other on social media, meanwhile, marketers too are making efforts to get in touch enhancing social community online.  This has led to a surge of countless innovative experiments in the field of mobile, social and engagement marketing strategies.

The latest fad in the field of online marketing is growing use of marketing automation platforms. The most successful businesses too are using the automation for real time analytics to evaluate their engagement with an individual buyer. No, doubt, the conventional marketing has been transformed into the world of content marketing, where personalized ideas of content marketing are cherished.
Video marketing is the most popular trend of present times and is practiced in following manner.  
•    In the age of digitization, content delivery is at forefront offered by publishing viral content on you tube, video ads on Facebook and flashy homepage videos.  Videos are the best way to see brand growing along with customer interaction, educating and converting buyers and improving customer satisfaction. In a recent research report by Ascend2, the successful companies are using videos types as customer testimonials, on-demand product demonstration videos, explainer and tutorial videos, video blogs, event videos, live on-demand webinars and the thought leader interviews in their marketing efforts.      
•    The rise of video selling in B2B market is a rising activity used by online marketing company in India being as trusted advisors for customers. Whitepapers, canned presentations and customer case studies as collaterals even can’t defeat video reach in terms of educating buyers and creating emotional connection.
•    Moreover video are getting more interactive and have become a part of the mainstream technology. One of the biggest challenges in implementing video to ease them for brands to work on a customized video player which work on a limited number of sites. However, now with the technology support these videos can extensively be played on at various social media sites at a same time. 
•    Digital marketing even using the power of storytelling into the personalized video behavior.  Personalization that has been a leading trend into digital marketing for a number of years has been now into social vibe in a form of storytelling letting a business to grow at a very emphatic and robust way, while, getting a good number of lead generation tips. 
This way, marketing activities are heading towards a bigger growth in social media development for videos.

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