Integrated Marketing Communication’s complexity relies in its simplicity. It is a delicately weaved marketing communication derived from the different media formats carefully linked together. At a basic level in IMC, all the promotional tools work in harmony with each other. The integration of different communication tools with each other brings better marketing and promotional results. However, there are much better marketing communication mixes which integrated together offers excellent business and lead generation results. The other level of integration involves horizontal, vertical, internal, external and data integration. They assist the integrated communication in many ways.  
Integrated Marketing Communication
In case of horizontal communication, the marketing mix work according to and across business functions like production, finance, distribution and communications as they all can form a marketing information system which collects and shares relevant data across different departments.
In the vertical integration marketing and communications objective support the higher level of corporate objectives and corporate missions. Internal integration is derived primarily purposes of internal marketing, hence, keeps all the internal staff alight and informed about all the development occurring ranging from new developments like new advertisements, new corporate identities, new service standards, new strategic partners and so on.

In the process of external integration outside partners like as advertising and PR agencies to work in tandem with each other to achieve unique seamless solution. Despite being so much efforts involved it deliver multiple benefits likes as competitive advantage, boosting sales and profits, while saving money, time and stress.

IMC develops communication around customers and assisting them in moving through the different stages of the buying process. Hence, an   organization simultaneously consolidates its image, develops a dialogue and fosters its relationship with customers. IMC is also known for increasing profitability by raising the effectiveness. At, the very basic level a unified message is more powerful than a dis joined set of messages.


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