The role of a daily consumer is simultaneously on the rise in advertising and marketing decisions. Branding agencies and marketing companies are taking cues from consumer generated content (CGC) for betterment of their services and activities.
Advertising agencies in Delhi too have started making solutions by seeking ideas from UGC or are inculcating them into their branding ideas. The present era consumer have started investing into startups by the means of their produced media content, design products and as an investor. Retailer, food critics, tour guides and even taxi drivers are participant in brand creation as well as product reviews.
What is the most relevant in CGC (Consumer Generated Content) is its capacity to blur a clear line between producer and consumer. Masses are replacing professionals in every area of traditional marketing. The areas, where, creative agency in Delhi are influencing brand creation is explained in following lines below.
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First area where creative agencies are using the consumer view are product development. There are developing tools with massive consumer base where they receives consumer ideas and thoughts. And some useful ideas actually get converted into product and services. Creating online community is another smarter way to receive consumer thoughts and ideas.
After product design, the next aspect of consumer generated content (CGC) is co-creation that depends upon the crowdsourcing. Now consumers have started working as a product designer that is a growing trend in consumer behavior and activities. For advertising agencies, user suggested products are emerging as an inspiration. Many a crowd sourced products has 20% more selling in compassion to retail selling.
However, crowdsourcing is applicable in certain conditions and objectivity. The wise decision there should be met with respect to product designing. Crowd Sourcing has been applied successful applied into the areas as political forecasting and determining success of a movie or around establishment of major pharmaceutical companies.
The advertising agencies in Delhi, even, are going to an extent of making boarding solutions based upon employee feedback from the product manufacturing company. The employees are important asset of a company that round the corner remain involve in product cycle from manufacturing to customer care.
Hence, consumer behavior is emerging an impressive trend for the brand creation and inspiration for the future.
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