A well planned content marketing strategy helps your blog to grow manifold. It is guarantee to 3000% lift in blog traffic and overall revenue increase to an extent of 60%. It is the smartest way to create and develop brand awareness. There are many steps to content marketing strategy to your blog.      
•    Create a blog: The practice to actually perform content marketing strategy begins from making a blog based on a specific theme or marketing requirement of an organization. The blog can be conceived around own domain or on a website. However, it is always preferred to launch it on an independent domain. After the creation of the blog, it must be updated daily or thrice in a week. The blog must be connected to all major social media sites and regularly updated to press release sites.     
•    Develop a content pool for the blog: Apart from the regular posts in the blog, there must a resource library on the website for the featured whitepapers and longer features of the blog. Having a webinar series is another attractive way to align with a successful content marketing strategy.  
•    Develop partnership for content handling: In order to handle content volume, strategic partnerships can be signed for content as well as webinar part. However, for managing the content part, one or two, full time employees can be hired. The partner should not be from specific niche or to be competitors.
•    There shall be spin-off opportunity: Efforts must be made to spin off the content, so it could be distributed as well in other verticals too. The high value content can be distributed in other media as well.
    It must be a goal oriented setting: There must be certain goals for the entire content marketing strategy counting from revenue earning to registering positioning on SERP pages. The SERP goal can easily be set on the basis of highly targeted keywords.
•    Employ Press Release to improve SEO and drive blog traffic: There should be regular press releasing on the basis of regularly generated fresh content. It helps in improving SEO as well as website traffic. A press release vendor can be booked for the purpose. There must be release with every second blog post. Sometimes release will appear otherwise not.
•    Share content with variety of audience: The distribution of the content must not be limited only to a section or selected audience. For a success of a blog, it is very imperative to distribute it through a cross section of an online audience. The entire exercise must be carried out in a manner of package as for every post supported with a press release and back linking tweets.
 This exercise done for a year and so definitely brings very successful result with respect to content marketing strategy.
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