Agile process used for the software production optimization has an equal usage in content management accordingly devised for content need of an organization. A bridge between software developers and content developers, Agile produces a suitable environment for content production inclusive of steps like iteration, production, people and communication building. 
The iteration is the first step for content developers to get themselves set in an environment where content is being repeated for several times. Below are mentioned certain agile environment for a company may the companies to be related and adequate into the characteristics of an agile environment. You can also look at the following situations:-
•    Breaking of a story on social media and where you feel your brand to be adequately involved into it. 
•    Occurrence of an important news source emerging from the vital information as about to be published.
•    A massive national breaking-news story turning your crafted PR campaign to the scrap heap.
•    A deadline one month away is even closed by two weeks, throwing workflow into disturbance.
The understanding of the agile by the content team lead them towards  creating content as to be building blocks, where each communication makes up a larger message and that message becomes more focused, and optimized one. Content professionals even can use that data for obtaining information on audience, platforms, and engagement as they are into the business of developing portal and businesses.
The next important area of focus for the content developers is on the impact of agile on the product output. Agile, therefore, drive frequent delivery, sustainable development, attention to detail and even a good design. Content first approach is the most suitable for the agile focused model where it is a bottom up situation. The smallest unit of currency in any development or design project is a word, an image, a punctuation mark.
Website Design Companies adapting to the content first strategy also create boundaries, ownership and the intensive sense of control. Here, content is placed from the very beginning at the center of agile process instead of tackling it after the creation of the design and development work. This way, it offers content developers an opportunity to bring an insightful and impactful window into and through the agile world, so they can adapt to their own processes and workflow.   
In this circumstances, the transition is yet is to be benefitted and offered by a dedicated project manager, who, could streamline communications and in a better way could manage a stakeholder’s expectation.

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