Though content writing is quite different from writing from print however it does also requires an extensive home reference library from online available reference material. A reference book happens to be usually expensive are not for straight reading instead are for quick specific information. The reference collection in library happens to be extensive and needed to be checked out for a specific to make an idea out of it.

In order to make a home reference library, one should make a survey about what of their use is available at library and should make best use out of it. And make a small home collection from it.

This home collection could be of great use for content writers as they do not need to rely on public library for reference books of general usage. The most common books, which can be decorated in this library happens to be a good dictionary, a thesaurus, Quotations books, atlas and general encyclopedia each telling about the individual aspect and field of learning it deals with.

Another handy reference tool is the World Almanac that is filled with lists, table, statistics, and other different type of written material for reference value.

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