It is rumored that there an Android-fused music service as to be launched by Google is under operation for about six months. And If a leaked screenshot is been considered true, than things can be turned out to be true as with the release of next Android OS release. The website GizmoFusion has posted the data and synchronization panel from what is purported to be a constructed of Gingerbread. This is a premier Android (Android) settings panel, except alongside the options for syncing contacts, Gmail (Gmail) and Picasa Web Albums is a new designation: Sync Music. This all indicates that Google is about to start its own music service on the pattern of iTunes
According to the reports Google is intensively working with a cloud-based music service, that is a subscription or a la carte. In a marketplace which is crowded with options has a very robust integration device level with Android providing Google an edge on that project. Though without a specific music store, over the air synchronization could still be a robust feature to do. At Google I/O back in May, Google disclosed out some technology that will allow Android users to stream music from their desktop computers directly at their phone. Expectedly, this type of feature even can double as mean to synchronize music and playlists.
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