Though Google has delayed its much anticipated branded laptop as powered by the Chrome by a year  and so till next year, however, it has announced a pilot program for people who lives at the and on the web. With this new introduction, Chrome tries to have a lighter approach for controlling computer’s hardware and applications. It is also benefits to the people who spend most of their time at the web while depending upon the cloud to access their applications and data. This Pilot scheme as according to the Google and official is aimed at the early adopters, developers and users that are therefore employing and using the beta software. They are to be provided with an unbranded black notebook that has been dubbed Cr-48.

This newly launched Chrome OS has a good number of features as security is at its core   with automatic updates for users taking away the need to constantly ensure that the latest version has been activated. More there is expected to put a system verified boot as a feature of the Chrome OS devices that will tell whether the security has been modified or not. The Google has singed an agreement with telecom major Verizon to provide connectivity for the Chrome notebooks. It also plans to provide 100 MB of free data to a      
$ 9.99 a day for unlimited data.

Yet on a side, there are concerns as well as the analyst have questioned whether Chrome OS will fit to the computing world that too already is about decades old and there change takes place rapidly and regular basis.The Chrome OS will be given free to hardware manufacturers. Moreover, the number of Chrome user has been raised from the numbers 70 million to 120 million this summer.

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