You as a content writer should always keep one thing in mind that whether it is content writing or any other form of writing it is brevity and clarity that is of utmost importance for any form of writing. However for web content it may marginally have some distinction.

As in content on website is not that much easier to read in comparison to print media so always remember reader’s wants answer for their queries and some useful information. Hence, all the important information should be at introduction of article instead of in the conclusion.  And the piece of content should also be very well edited as well.

The content should be target oriented according to a customer or readers’ class and section. The content should be friendly and personal and should be in first or second person in narrative and description. It should be brief within the range of 150 to 300 words. As most of the reader on the net does not read content so in order to attract their attention there should be ample use of headings and bulletin use of web content writing. And finally, the content should not be duplicate or plagiarized piece otherwise it spoils all the beauty of content writing.

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